As a self taught, blue collar studio artist, I build things and design systems…
synthesizing the tradition of “old world” skills with the conceptual qualities, design vocabulary and formal requirements of “fine art”.

Essentially, precious and non-precious matter alchemize into exquisite objects that transcend and beg to redefine the idiom “jewelry” or personal adornment into the realm of art, big ideas manifested in small sculpture. Small sculpture in a macro world.

I admire the likes of Klee, Calder, Miro, the Bauhaus, all of those late 19th and early 20th century visionaries. Not for their direct influence upon me, but rather for being kindred spirits pulling water from the same deep archetypal well.

Born 1955 in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA to german immigrant parents

Autodidact - complimented by highschool, some college, extended years in Europe, communal and cooperative living, a wonderful marriage, two sons, a healthy divorce, and many dear friends.

Since 1981 I have exhibited in galleries and shops as well as participated in numerous group and solo shows throughout the United States and, on occasion over seas.

Permanent collections of such institutions as:
• Renwick Gallery
  at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
• Minnesota Museum of American Art, St Paul MN
• Minnesota Historical Society, St Paul MN

• Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine WI

recent work
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